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Capped Sleeves Wedding Dresses


Liz Martinez-Elisabeth-0Liz Martinez-Elisabeth-1
Liz Martinez
Elisabeth Sale price$4,945.00 Regular price$10,290.00
AUSTINXS Sale price$1,200.00 Regular price$4,400.00
Paloma Blanca-4978XS-0Paloma Blanca-4978XS-1
Paloma Blanca
4978XS Sale price$1,300.00 Regular price$2,850.00
Allure Bridals-D267SNOWWHITE-0Allure Bridals-D267SNOWWHITE-1
Allure Bridals
D267SNOWWHITE Sale price$1,100.00 Regular price$2,500.00
Reem Acra-Cap Sleeve V-Neck-6Reem Acra-Cap Sleeve V-Neck-0
Reem Acra
Cap Sleeve V-Neck Sale price$1,400.00 Regular price$10,000.00
Hayley Paige-Dakota-0Hayley Paige-Dakota-4
Hayley Paige
Dakota Sale price$850.00 Regular price$1,980.00
Never Worn Augusta Jones-Augusta Jones Karina Gown-0Augusta Jones-Augusta Jones Karina Gown-1
Augusta Jones
Augusta Jones Karina Gown Sale price$1,200.00 Regular price$3,000.00
Pnina Tornai-Pnina Tornai 4929T-0Pnina Tornai-Pnina Tornai 4929T-1
Pnina Tornai
Pnina Tornai 4929T Sale price$10,000.00 Regular price$16,470.00
Never Worn Allure Bridals-Style #3196-0Allure Bridals-Style #3196-1
Allure Bridals
Style #3196 Sale price$4,000.00 Regular price$5,300.00
Martina Liana-1048-0Martina Liana-1048-1
Martina Liana
1048 Sale price$1,800.00 Regular price$3,200.00
Never Worn Paloma Blanca-Style #4955-0Paloma Blanca-Style #4955-1
Paloma Blanca
Style #4955 Sale price$2,700.00 Regular price$3,500.00
Dennis Basso-1109-0Dennis Basso-1109-1
Dennis Basso
1109 Sale price$1,350.00 Regular price$3,600.00
Pnina Tornai-4635-0Pnina Tornai-4635-1
Pnina Tornai
4635 Sale price$5,500.00 Regular price$11,000.00
Pnina Tornai-5179 - 2016 Collection-0Pnina Tornai-5179 - 2016 Collection-1
Pnina Tornai
5179 - 2016 Collection Sale price$3,400.00 Regular price$8,500.00
Anne Barge-?-0Anne Barge-?-1
Anne Barge
Wedding Gown Sale price$3,500.00 Regular price$7,500.00
Maggie Sottero-Syanne 073-0Maggie Sottero-Syanne 073-1
Maggie Sottero
Syanne 073 Sale price$2,000.00 Regular price$2,980.00
Never Worn Hayley Paige Occasions-Soleil - Blush by Hayley Paige Bridal Gown-0Hayley Paige Occasions-Soleil - Blush by Hayley Paige Bridal Gown-1
Hayley Paige Occasions
Soleil - Blush by Hayley Paige Bridal Gown Sale price$1,000.00 Regular price$2,475.00
Other-Classic Silk A-line with Empire Waist-1Other-Classic Silk A-line with Empire Waist-2
Classic Silk A-line with Empire Waist Sale price$225.00 Regular price$600.00
Never Worn Galina-illusion plunge lace appliqued wedding dress-0Galina-illusion plunge lace appliqued wedding dress-1
illusion plunge lace appliqued wedding dress Sale price$1,200.00 Regular price$1,399.00
Tadashi Shoji-Placid-0Tadashi Shoji-Placid-1
Tadashi Shoji
Placid Sale price$375.00 Regular price$650.00
Calla Blanche-Bella 16241-0Calla Blanche-Bella 16241-1
Calla Blanche
Bella 16241 Sale price$375.00 Regular price$2,100.00
Maison Signore-Maison Signore Isenia-0Maison Signore-Maison Signore Isenia-1
Maison Signore
Maison Signore Isenia Sale price$4,500.00 Regular price$7,500.00
Kleinfeld's Pick Pronovias-Atelier Pronovias Bridal ASTEROID-0Pronovias-Atelier Pronovias Bridal ASTEROID-1
Atelier Pronovias Bridal ASTEROID Sale price$4,200.00 Regular price$8,200.00
Never Worn Sareh Nouri-Blaine-0Sareh Nouri-Blaine-1
Sareh Nouri
Blaine Sale price$4,500.00 Regular price$6,000.00
Mori Lee
Brinkley Sale price$600.00 Regular price$1,200.00
Kleinfeld's Pick Stella York- 6731 Ivory Lace/Tulle/Ivory Gown/Java Tulle -0Stella York- 6731 Ivory Lace/Tulle/Ivory Gown/Java Tulle -1
Stella York
6731 Ivory Lace/Tulle/Ivory Gown/Java Tulle Sale price$1,000.00 Regular price$1,399.00
Never Worn Mori Lee-Gemma-0Mori Lee-Gemma-1
Mori Lee
Gemma Sale price$788.00 Regular price$2,500.00
Never Worn Mori Lee-Bridget-0Mori Lee-Bridget-1
Mori Lee
Bridget Sale price$799.00 Regular price$2,500.00
Modern Trousseau-Fit & Flare-0Modern Trousseau-Fit & Flare-1
Modern Trousseau
Fit & Flare Sale price$1,500.00 Regular price$7,500.00
Tony Ward Couture-Tony Ward La Mariee 2018 Gown-0Tony Ward Couture-Tony Ward La Mariee 2018 Gown-1
Tony Ward Couture
Tony Ward La Mariee 2018 Gown Sale price$2,500.00 Regular price$6,000.00