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Seller Tips

Creating Your Listing

  • Photographs Matter: Take clear, high-resolution images of your gown from multiple angles. Show front, back, and close-up details of the fabric and any embellishments.

  • Honest Descriptions: Be detailed and honest about the condition of the gown. Include information on any alterations, damages, or unique features.

  • Competitive Pricing: Set a fair price by researching what similar gowns are selling for. Remember, a well-priced gown attracts more buyers.

Enhancing Your Listing

  • Boost Visibility: Consider using our 'Front Page Feature' or 'Kleinfeld's Picks' to give your gown premium placement and attract more buyers.

  • Update Regularly: Keep your listing fresh and at the top of search results by regularly updating it.

Interacting with Potential Buyers

  • Prompt Responses: Respond to inquiries and offers as quickly as possible. Engaged sellers are more likely to make a sale.

  • Be Accommodating: Answer questions thoroughly and provide additional pictures if requested.

After the Sale

  • Follow Through: Once your gown sells, ship it promptly. Make sure it's packed securely and in the condition stated in your listing.

  • Inspection Ready: Prepare your gown for the Kleinfeld Again inspection, ensuring it matches the listing description to avoid returns.

Additional Seller Advice

  • Know Your Product: Familiarize yourself with your gown’s brand, style, and market value.

  • Seasonal Selling: Consider the season when selling. Spring and early summer are peak times for bridal gown shopping.

  • SEO Tips: Use relevant keywords in your title and description to make your listing more searchable.

  • Size & Alterations: Provide precise measurements and alteration details, as fit is crucial for wedding gowns.