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Kleinfeld again Certification

Shipping Label Dispatch

Once a dress is sold, the seller is promptly provided with a shipping label from Kleinfeld Again. This label is the first step in a journey of careful verification. Sellers are advised to securely pack the gown, as the first impression upon inspection can be pivotal.

Arrival and Inspection

Upon arrival at Kleinfeld Again, each dress undergoes a rigorous inspection process. Our experts examine every detail against the listing description, verifying the accuracy of each fact, from the fabric to the fit. Size, design, alterations, and condition are all matched with the seller's description to ensure no discrepancies.

Authentication and Recording

Authenticity is key in the luxury bridal gown market, and Kleinfeld Again does not compromise. Every dress is authenticated, confirming designer labels and workmanship. Simultaneously, we document the inspection process with a video recording, creating a transparent record that supports the integrity of our verification.

Outcome of the Verification

If a dress does not meet the parameters of our quality and authenticity checks or does not match the listing description, the process is halted. The gown is returned to the seller, and the buyer is issued a full refund. This policy underscores our commitment to accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Packing and Dispatch to Customer

Conversely, when a dress passes inspection, it is carefully packed with the utmost care, preserving the gown's condition. It is then dispatched to the eager customer, another step closer to being part of a memorable wedding day.

Our verification process is not just a procedure; it's a pledge to maintain the reputation Kleinfeld has built within the bridal industry—offering a marketplace that is as reliable and esteemed as the gowns we host.